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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! Advertisements

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A guide to getting into RepRap (only my opinion)

I am always seeing people trying to get into RepRap Printing, but there is always the question of price.  I am no expert, but I wanted to lay out in a Post what I have seen.  I will go from … Continue reading

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And here come the Chinese.

Degroff over at the Makerbot Google pointed out this video.  The company Personal Portable 3d Printer is offering a “RepStrap” with a heated build plate, stepper extruder, and metal frame for $1500 to the 1st 100 orders, then the price goes … Continue reading

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I need design advice? And who better to ask than a community of Developers?

I have a choice, and I can’t really figure out which direction to go.  If I keep the build plate 6 inch, and continue to use 608 skate bearings, & place the extruder on the X trolley, Brutis will only … Continue reading

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