10 Hours of being the "Rapid Prototyping Profit"

Originally uploaded by Spacexula

Maker Faire NC in Durham was nice enough to let me have a booth at their 1st Maker Fair. I didn’t set up my printer 1 time, each and every time I let a kid (and a few child like adults) do the setup. They did the zeroing, they did the warm up, 2 of the kids did my skeinforging. At the end up the day I added it up and my printer ran for 10 hours straight, with 32 separate prints. 30 kids set it up and 2 adults.

By the end of the day I hadn’t ate in 8 hours, had lost my voice, and was missing most the the parts for my extruder (saw a kid run off with the big gear from Adrian’s extruder, couldn’t blame him really, it’s so steam punk looking)

I did a interview with Spectra magazine, and ran out of Maker bot flyers 4 hours into the faire (I had a stack 4 inches thick!)

The fun part was watching the pride on the kids faces.


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One Response to 10 Hours of being the "Rapid Prototyping Profit"

  1. Anonymous says:

    You certainly had non-stop traffic. I had a great time as well in spite of my 'bot being totally borked. thanks for all your good advice, I'll be back in touch again.JC

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