Updated Google Reader Bundle

Reader bundle is now up to 118 different blogs, I did a few changes.

-Found 4 more non English blogs
-The Automatic Ebay update now includes the whole world, not just the US. (I didn’t know some dude in Ireland was selling fully cast Mendel parts, can’t wait to see one of those put together).
-Removed the Makergear and Makerbot user forums, they are full of great infomation, but with the two of them, They where the majority of traffic. With them removed we are now back down to around 20 posts a day, all new.

If I don’t have you in the list, or you can think of some way I could improve this bundle let me know!

If you want to preview or subscribe to the feed go to this link


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2 Responses to Updated Google Reader Bundle

  1. Kevin says:

    I just bought a set of the cast parts from Ireland today. I will be documenting the build on my site:http://kevins3dprinter.blogspot.com/The seller posted a pic of an incomplete Mendel built with his parts on the reprap parts-for-sale forum. it's worth checking out.

  2. Pablo2M says:

    Can you create a changelog for the next update ?, i have a modified list based on yours

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