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RepRap reader bundle

I have created a Google Bundle for RepRap related sites. This is a little different than the existing Yahoo Pipe. -It leaves all the individual feeds separate in Google Reader. This is handy for me because it allows Google to … Continue reading

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A little Ebay experement

I have decided to give up on PLA for a bit, it’s been 3 weeks since my printer has done anything but strip, or break. I am now going to tuck my tail and run back to ABS until there … Continue reading

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A little update

I have recieaved several comments and emails asking where I am at now… So here are the bloddy details Makerbot #469 was completed and printed well for 1 week. I was having build quality issues, but when I used the … Continue reading

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Free easy spool for rolled filiment.

Charles Pax has done it again. He uploaded a really easy to build cardboard spool to Thingiverse. When added to a milk crate it makes a perfect filament spool with base. Take a look! No more rat nests of twisted … Continue reading

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Finished the Most obsesive Makerbot Build video to date!

16 videos, all with annoying dance beats, and chubby little gnome hands. I plan on also documenting my Mendel Build in the same way. Please pay not attention to the point in one of the video’s where my 3 year … Continue reading

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