Fully document Makerbot Build

Attached is the 1st in a series of build videos I am making for the Maker Bot CupCake CNC. I promised myself that when I received my RepStrap, that I would document the complete build. Well what started out as a cam pointed in the general build are has turned into a full step by step birds eye of the build. I have 3 more videos ready to publish, and likely another 5-10 before I am done. Is the community interested in having this type of build video on Youtube? Would you like me to post it here, where it will get sucked into the RepRap pipe, just leave it on Youtube, or stop because I am waisting my time?

Let me know.

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11 Responses to Fully document Makerbot Build

  1. bjbsquared says:

    Oops!, the video is marked private so only friends can see it. You'll need to change that so we can see it.I think it would be worth while to A LOT of people. All the way up to printing the first part!I think this rocks! Thanks for your effort!

  2. B.t.w. how do I access the RepRap google wave? I have a G. Wave account, but then what…

  3. BodgeIt says:

    Yes its nice to see a Video of a cupcake build a Mendel and Darwin would be realy good.As both my Web cam and my Samsung are low price cameras the video output is not good enough for You Tube I think.

  4. It's no longer private! I will keep them comming

  5. Jeff Keegan says:

    Still can't see the video. 😦

  6. Shows as public and published, is anyone else having an issue?

  7. Jeff Keegan says:

    Just tried it on my Mac too, and it still doesn't work. Originally it looks like the video would be playable (I see the first frame with a play icon on it), but clicking that displays the text "This video has been removed by the user".

  8. the link above goes to a video has been removed by the user message. dec 16 10:46 PST

  9. Tristan says:

    I can't wait to see these videos! I am very interested!

  10. Ok video is fixed, and the others are processing… 1st time ever uploading video to youtube πŸ™‚

  11. Tristan says:

    Please continue, no news from your project, does it mean that something gone wrong? Could you please explain to us what happened?

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