Embedded Etherpad, it really couldn’t be easeir.

After seeing that Google planned to maker Etherpad open source, I felt an obligation to go check it out. This seems like a perfect addition for a blog. Like an integrated comment sheet, that can be time tracked.

After looking around I found that they have a a beta embed that is abolutely awsome. —–> isn’t it great! It’s a snap to add to your blog. Here are the steps:

1. Go to Etherpad.com, click [Create new Pad] Middle of the screen in blue.
2. Copy The Web address, it will look like “http://etherpad.com/”Bunch of random letters and numbers”]
3. Embed the Gadget. For Blogger you follow these steps
a. Click [Layout] two tabs right of the [Posting] Tab
b. Click [HTML/Javascript]’s edit button
c. Post the code from their instructions at the bottom of the window. Be to replace their http://etherpad.com address with the one from your blog (don’t ask how I found this out)
d. Save and go back to your blog. Look!! A grafitti wall for your notes, and other comments that can be added live. How fun could it be to run a live chat in that space!

Now back to Robots and plastic bits related subjects… Sorry had to share!


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